The good, the bad and the distracted stories of my ADHD family.

Happy Holidays

This year for the holidays we opted for a new kind of adventure. We left the usual stress of large family gatherings, endless cooking and cleaning for a new kind of Bledsoe Adventure in a winter wonderland.

Our three day escape was filled with snow shoeing, sleigh rides, spectacular winter scenery, and good old fashion family time. I couldn’t help but feel the pull to a simpler life, so while enjoying a Christmas Day lunch, I casually mentioned to my family how great it would be to live here, grow apples and make cider.

Madeline, being the pragmatic one, quickly shot down my fantasy.

 “That would never work. We don’t know anything about farming. Dad’s in telecommunications and you….. ( long pause) …….email.”

I laughed out loud, unsure which was funnier, that she squashed my daydream in a nano second, or she summed up everything I do in a single word… “Email”.

To all the Merry Magic Maker Moms out there whose family thinks all this stuff “just happens”, Merry Christmas.



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