The good, the bad and the distracted stories of my ADHD family.

Valentine Adventure

ADHD comes with a lot of frustration, and at times I feel like screaming, “Serenity Now!” at the top of my lungs. But with all the drama, screaming, and frustration, there’s a lot of love for one another. That’s why this Valentines Day Adventure is a little bitter sweet.

Unfortunately, Nate had a business situation arise and couldn’t join us on our long planned ski vacation to Whistler, BC. Instead of clamoring in the car together, Nate helped load our gear and waved from the front porch as his family drove away.

At first, Nate was happy to see us go. The morning was a typical ADHD fueled fiasco: kids fighting, Cole’s inability to get dressed in an hour, kids forgetting multiple things, which prompted multiple return trips into the house. By the time we pulled away, Nate was practically yelling at us, “Get out of here!”

But after we’d had a chance to exhale from the ADHD drama, we sensed the large hole in our family.

Nate’s text:

“I love and miss you guys. You’re my family and I’m lonely.” ….”Not the mornings though. I hate those.”

Car trip dialogue:

Cole: “Turn off the child locks.”

Madeline: “We can’t because you roll down the window like a child”

Something Madeline “whipped up” to keep her hands busy.


What I’ve learned:

Some ADHD symptoms will frustrate me my whole life, like how they can never get ready in the morning, forgetfulness, and the constant noise, but I’ll never grow tired of their creative, witty, minds, their loyalty to one another, and the love we share.

Happy Valentines from Whistler, BC.


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